Russia, Krasnodar, 350062
Tel.: +7 928 207-49-77, +7 861 290-20-28
Fax (answ. sys.): +7 861 274-94-51

The “Vkusler” company was founded in 2000. Today it’s a strong and purposeful company with a strong position in the food market in Krasnodar region.

The company has own production equipment, an engineering and technological capabilities. We use in the production the latest achievements. But also we have own technological research that helps considerably increase productivity and provides a basis of consistent quality of products.

The main priorities of the company are high quality products at competitive prices. The company has a wide and well-developed contractual network of retail, small-batch and wholesale trade in Krasnodar and Krasnodar region. And we are very interested in expanding the market and we would be happy to discuss about possibilities of establishing business relations with potential buyers. Officially registered trademark “Vkusler” and the company’s experience guarantees consumers only the highest quality.

For a short time the brand has become recognizable by consumers. And it’s not surprising as “Vkusler” is manufacturing and selling only quality products: roasted sunflower seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pistachios in a variety of packaging.

Product packaging is a pride of company. Upscale design and quality Italian materials are attracting an attention of even the most demanding buyers.

“Vkusler”. Thank you for your preference for our brand.

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